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Sun God Lights and Komee provide energy saving light bulbs and lighting accessories at affordable prices. We provide different wattages and syles of lighting solutions for personal or industry needs, including warehousing, airplane hangers, farm barns, work shops, greenhouses, etc.. We provide indoor or outdoor cfl, hps and high pressure sodium grow lights for home, office or commercial use. If you don't find the right bulb for your particular needs on our web site just give us a call. If we don't have it we can get it. Sun God LLC markets the finest negative ion air purifiers and ozone water generators on the market today. We offer a variety of novelty items including, Bug Zappers and so much more. Thank you for browsing our web site.
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Mini-Lotus 125 Watt 9,500 Lumens
E-26 Base to fit any regular outlet

Mini-Lotus 125 Watt 9500 Lumens
Price $69.95
Mini-Lotus Blue 6500K

Mini-Lotus Red 2700K
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125 Watt Mini-Lotus With 9,500 Lumens!

This 125W Mini-Lotus light bulb puts out an amazing 9,500 Lumens of growing light power. This bulb is often referred to as the CFL 6500K Grow Light with the latest NEW High Quality Horticultural Self-Ballasted 125W CFL 6500K bulb.

The engineering in this latest state of the art grow light has been formulated to produce the proper spectrum and wavelength for vegetative growth for all kinds of plants including but not limited to most vegetables, herbs, flowers and other plants that require a consistent, powerful, cost effective light source.

This 125 watt Mini-Lotus bulb has several efficiency features such as, the incandescent equivalent of over 1,000 Watts of lighting power while providing a substantial energy savings of up to 80% off of your monthly electric bills.

This powerful grow bulb has a remarkable 8,000 hour effective lifetime or possibly longer depending on the constant usage. This bulb has a long life with a low lumen attenuation. This bulb has been rated to provide an immediate flicker free start. It carries a 9,500 horticultural Grade rating with a high light efficiency record.

The size of this grow lamp is very compact. An excellent grow light choice for cramped areas where space is limited.

(Other adapters to medium household light bulb size are available on our accessories page.

Thanking you in advance for letting us be a part of your lighting needs and allowing us to earn and maintain your future business.
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