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Sun God Komee Affordable Energy Savings Lights
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Sun God Lights and Komee provide energy saving light bulbs and lighting accessories at affordable prices. We provide different wattages and syles of lighting solutions for personal or industry needs, including warehousing, airplane hangers, farm barns, work shops, greenhouses, etc.. We provide indoor or outdoor cfl, hps and high pressure sodium grow lights for home, office or commercial use. If you don't find the right bulb for your particular needs on our web site just give us a call. If we don't have it we can get it. Sun God LLC markets the finest negative ion air purifiers and ozone water generators on the market today. We offer a variety of novelty items including Laser Pointing devices, Bug Zappers and so much more. Thank you for browsing our web site.
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150 WATT 8-U 12,500 LUMENS!! This Bulb Only Draws 150 Watts Of Power!

150 Watt 8-U 12,500 Lumens
150 Watt 8-U CFL Bulb
Retail Price: $74.95
150 Watt 8-U CFL Blue

150 Watt 8-U CFL Red

E39 Adapter
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150 Watt 8-U CFL

Sun God Komee offers the high power CFL 150 watts of raw growing power using a standard 110 volts electrical system generating an unbelievable 12,500 Lumens of pure growing power. This is the most powerful, compact latest state of the art technology light bulbs that are being offered in the personal and commercial market today.

If you're truly serious about growing plants, herbs, vegetables, flowers or other interesting plants, then this is the grow bulb you need to invest in. This energy efficient, compact and powerful bulb comes with a full year warranty. This bulb is rated at over 8,000 hours of growing use.

Those of you who are into seed starting and hydroponics this bulb is an absolute must for a quick turnaround from seedling to mature plants.

This unit has built in ballast and is very compact in size, measuring only 15 1/4 inches long and 5 1/4 inches wide and can be purchased in color outputs of red or blue.

Watch your plants take off like a space rocket with this remarkable high intensity bulb that can be placed only 3 inches away from the plants with no adverse effects because this bulb produces NO HEAT. You'll always have the equivalent of 24 hours per day of sunshine with this Sun God Komee CFL 150 watt grow light. This latest state of the art technology bulb comes with a 1 year warranty backed by Sun God Komee, the leader in affordable high quality light bulbs.

Be sure and visit some of our other pages which offers a multitude of other features and benefits to numerous to mention here. Choose from various wattages, sizes and styles to meet your specific needs. If you don't find what you need to meet your lighting needs, don't hesitate to give us a call. Service is our commitment to our new clients as well as our existing clients and we will answer all of your inquiries quickly. We sincerely appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to earn and keep your business.

Thank you in advance for your consideration for our products and services.
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